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I just wanted to let you know that I created a mobile website for the trip. Still finishing up a few things but I have included a lot of information that might be helpful. Be sure to check it out!

Designers Guide Amsterdam


5 Things to get you excited about Amsterdam Design

1. Boats

Like Venice, Amsterdam has waterways cutting all through the city. I cant wait to hail a boat. Wonder how thats done? Some how, I don’t think a whistle or holding my had up aside the canal will be enough.


2. Art Plein Spui

Every Sunday, on the small Spui square surrounded by bookshops, a small and pleasant art market is held where 25 professional artists show their works and sell directly to the passers by.

3. 100 years of graphic design

The core of the Graphic Design museum is formed by the semi-permanent exhibition 100 years of Graphic Design in the Netherlands. There are three rooms, together covering more than six hundred square metres, in which the visitor is led past famous and not-so-famous highlights of a century of graphic design. A unique historical retrospective that clearly shows how Dutch graphic design is inextricably linked with the modernisation of society in the twentieth century.

4. Harmen Liemburg

So FREAKING excited! If you haven’t checked this guy out yet make sure and do so. Im just as excited to meet him as I am to hang out at his studio. Harmen Liemburg

5. Music and Night Life

Amsterdam has held some of the larger electronic music festivals in the world. Though Im still doing research, Im hoping to snag some tickets to a music festival of some sort. I am personally a big fan of electronic/house music and would love to have the opportunity to see some live music or DJ’s while in Amsterdam. If anyone finds anything out let me know.

Designers Guide Amsterdam

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